Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Submit papers on simulating social processes of scienct to "Social Simulation 2014" in Barcelona, early September

Please consider submitting papers relevant to the simulation of the social processes of science (broadly concieved) to Social Simulation 2014.  This conference is in beautiful Barcelona, September 1-5th.  If we get enough papers on the topic we will run a special track/session on this.

See you there!

Re-Post: Here's why the scientific publishing system can never be "fixed"

A Post on the "Simply Statistics" Blog, at:
Discussing what it thinks would and would not work to improve the long-term veracity of published scientific results.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"ROC" curves for science

ROC curves plot true positive rates (TPR) versus false positive rates (FPR) for a given classifying procedure.  This post discuses these curves as they might apply to different scientific disciplines.

It suggests that such curves are a more sophisticated way of judging the trade-offs inherent in science, and briefly discusses ways to improve ("lower") these curves, including awareness of "researcher degrees of freedom".