Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Special Issue: Modeling Science - Understanding, Forecasting and Communicating The Science System

Special Issue of Scientometrics (2011) vol. 89: pages 347-463 of papers from the workshop ‘‘Modeling Science—Understanding, Forecasting and Communicating The Science System,’’ held in Amsterdam October 6–9, 2009.

  • Peter Mutschke, Philipp Mayr, Philipp Schaer, and York -- Sure Science Models as Value-Added Services for Scholarly Information Systems
  • Serge Galam -- Tailor Based Allocations for Multiple Authorship: A Fractional gh-Index
  • Timothy S. Evans, Renaud Lambiotte, and Pietro Panzarasa -- Community Structure and Patterns of Scientific Collaboration in Business and Management
  • M. Laura Frigotto and Massimo Riccaboni -- A Few Special Cases: Scientific Creativity and Network Dynamics in the Field of Rare Diseases
  • Hanning Guo, Scott Weingart, and Katy Bo ̈rner -- Mixed-Indicators Model for Identifying Emerging Research Areas
  • Christopher Watts and Nigel Gilbert -- Does Cumulative Advantage Affect Collective Learning in Science? An Agent-Based Simulation

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