Thursday, 26 September 2013

Job: postdoc on Crowdsourced conceptualization of complex scientific knowledge and discovery of discoveries”. Leiden

PostDoc position (3 years, starting 1st November 2013 or as soon as possible thereafter)

The PostDoc position is funded by the Swiss Sinergia Grant “Crowdsourced conceptualization of complex scientific knowledge and discovery of discoveries”. The goal of this project is to make a significant step towards the semi-­‐automated conceptualization of scientific knowledge and its large scale analysis. This includes developing a participatory platform for knowledge elicitation as well as resolving a number of deep theoretical problems that have to be tackled prior to designing such a system. The results of these theoretical investigations will be implemented in the participatory platform, in order to increase its usability and data-­‐harvesting power and at the same time providing a validation framework for tuning the methods and algorithms. The project will be based on the ScienceWISE system (, already used by many scientists for semantically importing, storing and searching scientific data, and will develop it further.

Within the project, the specific contribution of the PostDoc position funded in Leiden will be the development and validation of algorithms for “networks of networks” based on scientific information (including the proper definition of their topological properties; multi-­‐level community detection and hierarchical clustering; coarse-­‐graining; studying the time evolution of multi-­‐networks, etc.). The ScienceWISE platform will provide significant opportunity and user feedback for real-­‐time validation of such methods.

As all postdoctoral positions in the Netherlands, the position is a regular employment contract and is renewed for 2 years after the first one, for a total of 3 years. Interested candidates should send an email with their CV and motivation to Alexey Boyarsky ( as soon as possible.

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