Saturday, 12 April 2014

A list of actions decided at the plenary session on the last day...

...along with those who agreed to (at least initially) coordinate them.  If you wish to help organise, contribute or be involved in any particular action, please contact the persons named.  News of these will also be posted here.
  • A second SSPOS workshop, Valencia, Spain, in 2016 (jointly supported by PEERE and KnowEScape) -- Bulent Ozel, Francisco Grimaldo, Bruce Edmonds
  • Peer Review Roadmap -- Francisco Grimaldo
  • Relating/mapping models -- Edmund Chattoe-Brown
  • Knowledge of available data sets -- Andrea Scharnhorst (via her list which I will post)
  • List of Stylised Facts & Generative Mechanisms -- Christopher Watts
  • List of Challenge problems -- Bruce Edmonds
  • "SimScience" games -- Andre Martins
  • Overview/position paper (PlosOne?) -- Stuart Rossiter, Bruce Edmonds
  • Publication options in order of preference: JASSS, Frontiers, Scientometrics, Research Policy, Topics in Cognitive Science, Springer book -- Bruce Edmonds

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