Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Brainstormed research questions for Interdisciplinarity Group

Brainstormed research questions for Interdisciplinarity Group

  1. How do disciplines emerge/develop? (Foundational)
  2. How can interdisciplinarity help/hinder in the search for knowledge?
  3. Does successful interdisciplinary research lead to a new speciality?
  4. What patterns of expectations lead to lead to success of interdisciplinary approaches? (management of interdisciplinary teams)
  5. What constitutes a successful interdisciplinary project? (Foundational)
  6. What is the impact of participating in interdisciplinary projects on early stage researchers?
  7. What processes facilitate the appearance of interdisciplinary communications?
  8. What are the respective roles of people, ideas, and institutions in the emergence of interdisciplinary research?
  9. What are the challenges involved in doing interdisciplinary projects?
  10. How do we identify disciplines? (Foundational)
  11. How do new problems motivate/cause the emergence of new disciplines?

In answer to the question "How do we identify disciplines?" there were the following suggestions:

  • Coherency of beliefs
  • Similar tools, methods, and reference points
  • Same Heroes
  • Establishing milestones (a conference series, association, journal, summer school, phds etc)
  • Inter-reading
  • Specific markers (prizes, awards etc.)

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